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We're a group of six friends working together. However we didn't merge our businesses what allows us to work separately, more efficient and keep really flat structure in the group. For a bigger projects like apartments refurbishment, we work together, in between we are handymen or offer services on the construction site.


I'm am an electrician and main contractor  and I'm working closely with:

- a licensed drywall-builder, working fast and reliably

- a tiler with years of experience, yes, he can put new tiles in a bathroom in a week. 

- a floor layer, big fan of natural floors and eco friendly materials

- a painter, she can paint a room without making a mess

- a carpenter, able to create custom made furniture

- a flat pack furniture assembler, charges less then the noted Swedish company

Services we offer include: complete rewiring of an apartment, plastering and painting the walls and ceilings, disposal of old floors, furniture, wallpapers, rebuilding walls, and also complete plumbing and tiling services.

We're also able to provide help of a professional interior designer (in English or German).


If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, answer will come, sometimes after a minute, sometimes a day, but it will. At the end we add picture of a tool, something what connects us all:




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